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solicitors in dublin specialising in family law
solicitors in dublin specialising in family law

Family Law Solicitors Dublin

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Nobody is closer to you than your children. Because they’re the most important thing in your life, you want to do everything you can to make sure they don’t have to face any more trouble than necessary. The deterioration of a relationship can be one of the most challenging periods to go through, but at Anthony Joyce & Co – the best family law solicitors in Dublin – are here to understand your problems and get them solved before they take a toll on you and on your loved ones’ lives.

Our team of family law solicitors in Dublin are well aware that being a family solicitor doesn’t just require an in-depth knowledge of how the law works. As important as that is, we know that to do a good job working in family law, we have to have a keen appreciation for how families work. There is nothing more stressful than the period of a relationship break up, so when you come to us we want to take as much of the stress away from the situation as we can, and make sure that as little as possible is added to it. That means we are ready to listen, be sensitive to your needs, and advise when legal action is appropriate. There are often opportunities to resolve issues without the recourse of hiring a solicitor and we encourage all parties to explore them before resorting to such a path. However, if you do decide it’s necessary to explore the possibility of legal action, our team are here to talk to you about the numerous areas we cover which you can read more about below.

There are many aspects of family law that our solicitors can help you with, but it might be the case that you’re not sure which direction you’d like to go. You’re always welcome to get in touch and ask for some guidance. Even if you do know what you need, we’ll still have to talk about it first. Either way, you can browse below to get an idea of some of the areas we cover.

Separation Agreement and Divorce Application

During a marriage break up process it can be difficult to know how to proceed. You might not want to go to court, in which case a separation agreement is the way to go. The document can outline things like the conditions of living apart, access to children, and the division of finances and of property. And if you’ve been living apart for four of the previous five years, then you might want to finalise the break up with a divorce.


If at all possible, you might want to consider the prospect of mediation before taking your problems to court. Mediation is such an important method of conflict resolution, because it is a clear attempt to resolve disputes in an amicable and fair manner before taking things to a more serious level. If you would like to engage our services as mediators, both you and the other party should get in touch with us separately, and we can begin solving your problems today.

Child Guardianship

Child guardianship and custody covers the rights and responsibilities of both parents and their children. Ideally, an agreement will be come to that satisfies all parties, but, most importantly, whatever’s best for the children’s interests should be considered first. Our family law solicitors can help resolve disputes over care and responsibility, as well as access and any other matters of concern.

Nullity, Safety Orders, Maintenance and more

There are many other areas we cover and which we can help you with. You may be looking to nullify a marriage which you feel was never legitimate, or seeking to exercise legal action in order to receive support payments that you feel you are owed. Whatever your problem, as one of the leading family law solicitors in Ireland, whether you’re in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, or anywhere in between, we are always available to talk and find the solution you need.

As a group of family law solicitors in Dublin, we know better than anybody how difficult times of conflict can be for a family. Emotions are at the centre of every problem you’re experiencing, so it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important: resolving the issue. Our advice is that you try to stay calm when the dispute becomes heated. That said, we know it can be very difficult when the future of your family is what’s being discussed, so we feel it’s part of our job to handle the burden as much as possible. The team of family solicitors at Anthony Joyce & Co. are sensitive to your needs and want you to feel relieved when you ask us to take your case on. Get in touch and we can begin figuring things out.

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