As consumers we expect the products we buy to be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When products are defective, they may cause their users personal injury, loss and damage. Typically, such cases arise in relation to construction defects in buildings, dangerous medical devices, defective appliances and unsafe machinery or equipment.  In Ireland,…

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Accidents Happen… Breath Easy!

We all know that accidents can happen. No one wants to get hurt or injured. No one wants to be forced out of work for any period of time  and need to have people around you to look after you while you get better. But accidents do happen and importantly they are not always your…

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commercial law solicitors

Do You Need Commercial Solicitors?

None of us can predict when we might unexpectedly need the services of our solicitor. It might be for a positive reason or for help with something urgent that has just come out of the blue. Whatever the cause for your visit to your solicitor, you will find professionals there to deal with complex legal…

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dublin solicitors

Dublin Solicitors – Here To Help You

There are many Dublin solicitors, but at Anthony Joyce we believe we’re one of the best. We can help you with any legal matters you encounter. We are experienced in dealing with: Buying or selling property Wills and probate Bankruptcy Personal injury compensation claims Employment law There are other matters Dublin solicitors like us could…

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