new public service card

Review of New Public Service Card

The new Public Service Card (PSC) regime has recently come to media attention and has been a hot topic of conversation recently. What happens if you wish to claim a benefit and you don’t have a Public Service Card? You simply don’t get it. An retired lady complained that she was unable to receive her…

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Personal Injury Solicitors Ireland

Personal Injury Solicitors Ireland: What You Need to Know

Personal Injury Solicitors Ireland   Bringing a personal injury claim to court can be a challenging process. You may not have pursued such a serious legal matter before, so you won’t know where to begin when you search for a solicitor who’ll understand your case and listen to what you have to say. On top…

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bankruptcy tourism

Bankruptcy Tourism in Ireland

Bankruptcy Tourism Bankruptcy tourism or forum shopping gained notoriety out of the great recession as people desperately tried to rid themselves of their unsustainable debts. Bankruptcy tourism or forum shopping is generally prohibited and can be defined as when a person attempts to set up temporarily in a different legal jurisdiction for the sole reason…

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finding solicitors in dublin

A Guide to Finding Solicitors in Dublin

It’s easy enough in some ways to finding  solicitors in Dublin. If you somehow manage to miss one when you take a walk around the city centre, all you need to do is spend thirty seconds on Google to get a complete directory of what options are available near you.   However, to find the…

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Personal insolvency landmark case

Landmark Case for Anthony Joyce & Co. Solicitors

  Today, the 22nd of May 2017, marks a landmark case for Anthony Joyce and Co. Solicitors. The High Court’s ruling will affect how mortgage borrowings are to be treated in formal debt deals such as a Personal Insolvency Arrangement (PIA).   This ruling could mean that financial institutions may no longer legally be able to ‘warehouse’…

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