There are countless issues a company might need help with in the world of commercial law. Employment law, company formations, shareholder agreements, contracts, debt recovery, licensing and intellectual property are just a few matters of concern. As an enthusiastic team of commercial law solicitors in Dublin who enjoy establishing long lasting relationships with our clients, we hope to become the go-to commercial solicitors firm for any and all of your business needs.

Commercial Law Solicitors Dublin

The world of business can be much more complicated than you’d like it to be. While it can be an understandable desire for things to be a lot simpler, there is good reason for the contracts that surround things like employment law, company formations and shareholder agreements. The good news is that our team of commercial law solicitors are prepared to work hard to deal with the complexities for you. As the nature of business means that you’ll be engaging with legal issues on a regular basis, we look forward to building an ongoing and trustworthy relationship so that all your needs are met. This means that we will always be open to communication and will constantly be on top of your priorities. We make a point of holding regular discussions and make sure to give consistent reports. On top of that we would like to predict issues of concern before they even arise and solve them long before they become bigger legal problems.

No matter what kind of business you’re involved with, you’re already aware of how often you have to touch upon legal matters, and how diverse they can be. Ideally, when you’re looking for a solicitor firm to assist with your business dealings, you need to find somebody who isn’t just a strong asset in one field, but in every single one of them. We are in a position to be that firm for you. Furthermore, at Anthony Joyce and Co. it is our firm belief that our dedication to exploring every option makes us one of the strongest commercial law solicitors firms you could hire. At the end of the day, we aren’t satisfied until you are – because that’s just good business.

A firm for employers and employees

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, Employment Law is one of the main aspects of Commercial Law in which we specialise, so we know better than anybody what areas need to be covered. As an employer you might hire five people or fifty, and each one of those people bring their own unique characteristics to the work place. It’s important when you sign contracts that you stop problems before they happen. While on the flipside, an employee should be well aware of their rights and know what kind of papers they’re signing and what’s expected of them.

In either case our team brings a collective amount of experience that readies us to deal with all areas of Employment law. As commercial law solicitors we can represent and advise on matters such as redundancy, unfair dismissal, bullying in the workplace, constructive dismissal, and of course the drafting and the interpretation of contracts for both employees and employers. On top of these issues, we are also ready to handle matters of discrimination. A problem that has become more and more recognised in the courts today, many people are having to deal with issues of sex, age, religion, race or disability. The problems surrounding these things can be of an extremely sensitive nature, so we are constantly endeavouring to treat them with the respect they deserve. Like all of the legal areas that we practice in, we aim to communicate with our clients so that they’re comfortable in whatever action is set upon. As such, whether you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience such issues, or you’re an employer looking to pre-empt them, we are committed to resolving problems in a timely and efficient manner, so if you’re looking for commercial solicitors in Dublin, Cork, Galway or indeed anywhere in Ireland, look no further than Anthony Joyce & Co.